Impacting schools

Ministry leaders voluntarily serve public schools in Jones, Benton, and Linn counties alongside middle and high school students sharing Christ through relationships proclaiming God's hope and redemption.
Through our Relational Ministry Model, staff empowers volunteers to engage students in Christ sharing relationships. After being equipped with training, encouragement, and supplies, together we all experience more of who God is, where He is leading, and what it means to pick up our crosses and follow Him.



Contacting- going into the teenage world to initiate new relationships

Building Times- spending time with students to build new relationships and grow existing ones

Clubs- meeting with a large group of students in a safe, high energy, non-Christian friendly setting to talk about relevant topics and connect them to God's truth

Small Groups- meeting with several students to have an interactive discussion about relevant topics and connect them to God's truth

Appointments- meeting with students to focus on their individual needs

Core Teams- a team of Christian students with a desire to grow in their relationship with Christ and relationally influence their friends for Jesus