Golf ChALL-INge

Thank you for participating in the 2021 YFC Golf ChALL-INge! It is our goal to empower you and your team to help us help teens in our communities. You can do this by playing golf AND being ALL-IN raising money for your team. Each team has a chance to win a grand prize but most importantly help teens from your community learn who Jesus is. Below you will find some videos explaining the ins & outs of the Golf Challenge. For more information contact Mike Cantonwine at OR 563-920-5741. To register your team and begin the ChALL-INge click HERE. Are you ALL-IN?!

Get fired up to help YFC reach youth!

Watch these videos to learn more about the ALL-IN Golf Challenge

What is the golf ChALL-INeg

It's about reaching youth! You and your team will raise money as a competition among yourselves and among other teams all in the name of helping YFC reach teens with the Gospel of Christ.

Why do you participate?

"I love to play golf." "I heard about it from a friend." "I love the mission of YFC." Hear from some veteran YFC Golf ChALL-INge participants about why they participate.

What are some benefits of the golf challenge?

There are many benefits for youth, participants, and YFC. Listen as veteran YFC Golf ChALL-INge participants explain what they believed the benefits are.

How does raising funds help youth and Youth for Christ?

What are some of the ways you raise funds for the Golf Challenge?

What are some of the challenges you face in the area of fundraising?

Youth for Christ uses funding to minister to youth in all the communities they serve. We intentionally go where students are and provide them with positive role models and spiritual care.

Get some encouragement, pro tips, and insight into some of the best practices on how to raise funds for the golf challenge.

It’s not always easy. Even the veterans have their bad days, but it’s for the youth and THAT makes it worth it!

Is the challenge fun?

Do you need to be a good golfer to participate?

Be ALL-IN for the YFC Golf Challenge!

Yes! Once you know and understand the goals of the challenge, you can relax and have some competitive fun participating and HEY, maybe even win a prize?!

No! Come to play golf, stay to support the ministry… The high score wins!

Are you ALL-IN for this important cause? You are being challenged, will you accept?!