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2:11 Project

Layla’s story is one example, of many students, whose life has been changed eternally because of your gifts, prayers, and service! God is working through the work of Youth for Christ. When Layla’s life was in despair, and the world had stripped her, beaten her down and left her half dead, Jesus sent good neighbor’s (His people) to lift her out of the ditch and gave life to her story! Sound familiar? Remember the man who had been beaten and left for dead in the story of the Good Samaritan? It took the love and sacrifice of the Good Neighbor willing to go to him and help in his despair. This story represents what YFC is on a mission to do in our community; be good neighbors to 11-19 year-old teens who are in crisis. We want to help lift them out of the ditch of despair and give life to their story through the love and mercy of Jesus Christ!

We strongly believe when a teen is loved by their neighbors they can learn how to love neighbors themselves. Can you imagine how radically different our culture and communities will be when teens learn how to love their neighbors? It has been said if you reach 10% of a population you can change the culture. We are on a radical God sized mission to reach 10% of every 11-19 year-old teen neighbor in Jones, Clayton, Benton, Linn, and Delaware Counties over the next 5 years. Ten percent of the population in these counties represents 4,000 teens! Imagine 4,000 teens in authentic Christ-sharing relationships. Statistically, every 2 hours and 11 minutes, a young person in America takes their own life. Suicide the the 2nd leading cause of death in teens today. The impact that is being made is real. It's essential. Join us as we work to stop the clock.

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