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One at a Time

When we look at Jesus taught the disciples, it was often one on one or with a small group of people. There are many times in scripture where Jesus is teaching to a large group of people, but also times when he is with only one or two of his closest followers. What can we learn from this? I think we can learn that there is power in taking the time to spend one on one quality time with a person. But I think we can also learn that our intentions and time with them shows who He is as much as the words that are spoken. This past weekend, our Cedar Rapids Campus Life site held a Super Bowl party before the big game itself. When a student showed up early, this create a perfect opportunity for Chelsea, one of our staff, to work alongside her. As they set up for the game, pulling white tape across the floor, what might look to one person like working together, it truly is moments like these that give us the opportunity to exemplify human attributes of Christ. How many people do you interact with on a daily basis? Weekly basis? Even if you work from home or do school remotely, you still interact with people. We challenge you to live with intention. Ephesians 5:16 calls us to live life in a way that makes the most of every opportunity. This doesn't have to be something elaborate or even planned out, but it's living our life in a way that truly reflects our faith. You already have all you need to make someone's day because He already equipped you to do just that! Be blessed!

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