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The Table

Our team joined together for our Staff Meeting, but this wasn't a regular meeting. It was a meeting where we remembered and soaked in why we do the work that we do. As the lights were dimmed, the music played and the prayers were lifted up, we took part in communion together. As a family. As a team. As brothers and sisters who are working together to seek Jesus more and more each day and to share the Good News with those who need to hear it. The following is what was shared from our Executive Director, Mark's heart, as we prepared and came to the table together.

The Table

When the time came, Jesus and the apostles sat down together at the table. Jesus said, “I have been very eager to eat this Passover meal with you before my suffering begins. For I tell you now that I won’t eat this meal again until its meaning is fulfilled in the Kingdom of God.

(Luke 22:14-16)

In a symbolic way, the word “table” is sometimes used to describe abundant provision. Jesus! The table! His Provision!

His suffering lingering in His mind and Jesus wants to have a meal with His disciples. The place was a guest house. Jesus gathered His disciples and sat them down at the table together. As He sat them and they reclined do you think they understood what was happening? Did they fully understand the significance of that moment? As the Host took the cup and the bread I believe all of heaven was watching. The heavenly hosts, watching the host of hosts, as He called His disciples attention to the significance of what was taking place in that moment.

Jesus! The table! His Presence!

Because what Jesus did at that table represents everything He did and will ever do! Everything! It pointed to His abundant provision! His death & resurrection! His victory! Our victory! His life! Our life! His greatest provision and our reward is His presence! There is nothing on this side of eternity that we possess that is greater than His presence! Nothing! Our kids, money, health, jobs, friends or family! Nothing is greater than the presence of Jesus Christ in our lives! At the table we remember that He is not only with us but He is in us! His abundant provision is His constant presence!

Jesus! The table! His Promise!

Friends, Jesus is eagerly waiting to share a meal with us too! In fact, He promises that He will not eat until He gathers His chosen around another table. Yes, another table! This table will not be in a borrowed home. Jesus, will gather each of us and lead us to the doorway of the Father’s House. As we enter He will lead us to a table where we have a chair prepared for us before the foundation of the world. We will be seated. Could it be at that moment, at that table, that our souls say the words of our host “it is finished” I’m finally where I belong… I’m home! No more tears. No more pain. No more sorrow.

Jesus! The table! His People!

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