Georgia peaches are hand-selected at the peak of their maturity so that your entire family can enjoy the one-of-a-kind flavor of the iconic sweet Georgia peach. 

Georgia Peaches 15 lb Box

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  • In order for your peaches to ripen properly, do not place them in the refrigerator. Simply put them on your counter at room temperature until they reach your desired ripeness.  For faster ripening, place peaches in a brown paper bag on the kitchen counter. Once your peaches have reached your desired ripeness, then and only then should you place them in the refrigerator. Upon being placed in the refrigerator, they should last an additional week or so. For maximum flavor, allow your peaches to reach room temperature before eating (about 30 min). Once your peaches are sliced, you can add a few dashes of lemon juice or coat with a citric acid solution to prevent excessive browning.