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Drive is a leadership program geared towards Middle School and High School students who are interested in developing leadership and personal skills that will help them lead a balanced life. The program focuses on students discovering their strengths, increasing their personal and interpersonal skills and taking them to the next level in reaching their personal, academic, or career goals. Preference to get accepted into this program will be given to students who receive free/reduced lunches with the goal of breaking cycles of poverty and impacting students for generations to come. Students who complete the program will also receive a stipend of $200. This helps to show the level of commitment needed to complete this program as well as to help students who are not working, but are rather learning these skills that will help them later on in life as well and be able to add this program to their resume.


There will be individual work that is done, team projects/challenges, and accountability teams with their peers as well as community leaders and mentors.


Why Drive? Our drive is determined by our intrinsic motivators, putting the focus on knowing our self-worth, our skills, abilities, and making us better people. It also ties into the greater impact that we can have to drive our community and school forward, becoming leaders in action.


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West Delaware: Drive


 Nominate a student who would benefit from the program.


We need adults to lead sessions on leadership (don't worry, we help to provide you with the curriculum and anything else you need, you get to make it your own!) or mentor students. 


This is a new program and we are still working out all the details, but for more specifics or with any suggestions, reach out to us!

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