City Life

City Life
City Life

City Life is a relational, holistic, community-based ministry aimed at serving under-resourced

neighborhoods through developing young people from that community to emerging leaders who lead

where they live.

City Life focuses on five areas of literacy through the sites, all within the context of relational ministry:

● Spiritual and Moral

● Education

● Social and Civic

● Health and Safety

● Economic



● Spiritual growth occurs as basic needs are met and focus shifts from “surviving” to “thriving”.

● Young people have learned and are practicing basic life skills.

● Lost young people grow in their knowledge and understanding of Biblical truths and are

becoming lifelong followers of Jesus.

● Young people are achieving and experiencing educational success.

● Young people are becoming positive influences with their peers and in the community.

● Young people understand and cultivate a lifestyle of Godly stewardship.

City Life Director: Selah Ulmer

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